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Review: Lord of Wicked Intentions (The lost Lords of Pembrooke serie) - ENG

Author: Lorraine Heath
Original title: Lord Of Wicked Intentions  
Release Year: 2013

Literary Genre: Romance
Setting: England, victorian age
Series: 4° of the Lost Lord's of Pembrooke

Vote:  10/10

Wonderful, it's my first Lorraine Heath's romance and I must say, she has a beautiful style; beside I like the historical context, which is my favourite after the medieval one.
The book opening, that could generally be slow, exclusively descriptive and therefore not particularly compelling, here is splendid, I was capture at the third line; moreover the early pages are highly moving.

Rafe Easton is the younger of the Lost lords of Pembrooke; the three brothers (the oldest are the twins Sebastian and Tristan) who, after their father's death, the Duke of Pembrooke, were ousted by their evil uncle; this dramatic event forced the three kids (Rafe was only ten and the twins were four years older) to divide their paths for more than a decade. Unfortunately Rafe didn't accept the separation well; left to his fate, at the beginning he was subjected to the workhouse owner's brutality (where his brothers left him) and, after his successful escape from there, he lived for several years in the filthy of St. Giles, where, to survive, he had to make many compromises, often brutal.
Taking advantage of the weaknesses of the most powerful and dangerous London slums criminal, he emerged from the St. Giles squalor, becoming the owner of one of the most famous London's gambling club (and thanks to my dear Lisa Kleypas, I have developed a strong passion for the casino's owners or similar, see Derek Craven or Cam Rohan; so I was already half in love with the book).

Now Rafe leads a lonely life, aloof and full of grudge for those brothers (with whom now he resumes relation but keeping it quite shallow) which he has never forgiven for abandoning him fifteen years before.
During a supper in which he takes part just because of some economic reasons (the host owes him a big amount of money), he sees for the first time the stunning Evelyn Chambers and enchanted by her beauty he can't take his eyes off of her.
Rafe that very same evening is obliged to take a decision which will change his and Evelyn's lives forever.
The girl is the Earl of Wortham's illegitimate daughter and she is quite fond of each other; sadly he dies living her to his mean half-brother's care. Geoffrey, who never tolerate her half-sister, now that he is the new Earl of Wortham, is determined to cast her off and possibly gaining something by doing that and these are the sad purposes of the supper. Unfortunately Evelyn wasn't aware of his brother's hatred and doesn't want to believe that he had never loved her, so when he leaves her to Rafe's house, she can't accept that she has been sold to became the fascinating club owner's mistress.

lt's a really lovely story, I liked every part of it: I loved when Rafe, as to persuade himself, keeps thinking “not because he cared for her...”; I really enjoyed his passion for sweets (which are the only pleasures he allows himself), moreover the author deals quite magnificently with Rafe's distress and his vulnerabilities, which I found really interesting and strongly touching.
Evelyn, besides her wonderful name, is quite perfect in her part: initially she is reluctant and hostile toward Rafe, she doesn't want to lose her stern control to comprehend that Rafe is more likely the best thing that could have happened to her; with the young Easton she feels appreciated, he never hides her from the society (as, on the other hand, her father did because of her illegitimacy) and, despite his ostensible indifference, he treats her with respect and kindness.
Finally it is splendid the development of Rafe and his brothers relationship: Sebastian and Tristan are extremely sorry and afflicted by their little brother coolness and they do everything they can to make the things right.

Buona lettura!


The lost Lords of Pembrooke: 1. To taste temptation (Sebastian, Mary) 
                                                       2. To seduce a sinner (Tristan, Anne) 
                                                       3. Deck the halls with love (Alistair, Meredith) 
                                                       4. Lord of wicked intentions (Rafe, Evelyn)

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