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Review: It Happened One Midnight (Pennyroyal series) - ENG

Author: Julie Anne Long
Original Title: It Happened One Midnight
Release Year: 2013
Literary Genre: Romance
Setting: England, regency
Series: 8° of the Pennyroyal Green

Vote:  71/2/10

It's not bad, especially the second part and I liked the epilogue, however the first half of the story is not exactly amazing, not boring but neither captivating.
This is my second romance by Julie Anne Long, so I can't say things like “I expected more” etc.; what I can affirm for certain is that I truly enjoyed What I did for a duke, this one a bit less.
The characters are good but while I liked Jonathan from the beginning, it took a bit longer to appreciate Thomasina in the same way.

Jonathan Redmond is young, beautiful and willing to express his worth, especially in the eyes of a father who, on the contrary, is skeptical about his talent and he doesn't make a mystery out of that when his son comes to him with an original business proposition about a new process for colour printing. But Jonathan doesn't give up and decides to turn to the Duke of Greyfolk and it's because of that that he meets, in a louche circumstance, the well-known, charming and cherished Thomasina de Ballestros.

Jonathan is immediately captured by her wittiness and her mysteriousness and when, during a night. he helps her in a dangerous but exciting deed, he realises he wants to know more about her and to be helpful. Thomasina will show a strong faith in him and in his plans, supporting him emotionally and economically (as others before her never did) and allowing him to carry out his projects.
However Thomasina unfounded reputation will cause them many problems, but their affinity and the dreams and the plans they share, will increase the strong emotions flowing between them.

As I said before, the first part of the book is a bit too slow and sometimes turns out to be not particularly enchanting, nevertheless as the story develops, the whole thing improves acquiring an engaging rhythm.
Initially I didn't like Thomasina a lot but, as for the story, with the development she reveals some characteristics that make me like her, a lot: she is empathic and generous but also lonely.
Jonathan's projects are really interesting, I loved the playing cards idea but also the ones he maturates after meeting Tommy.
I definitely appreciate that Julie Anne Long doesn't abuse the rake figure, which surely is fascinating but after a while becomes a bit boring, one or two in a series are enough.
In other words is a good romance with interesting aspects and which in his entirety results quite exciting and touching but in some passages it loses his brilliance.

Buona lettura!


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