Monday, 8 July 2013

Review: Seatbacks and Tray Tables (The Liberated Wife series) - ENG

Author: Danica Boutté
Original Title: Seatbacks And Tray Tables
Release Year: 2013
Literary Genre: Romance / Erotica
Setting: U.S.A., contemporary
Series: Prequel to The Liberated Wife

Vote:  91/2/10

I don't know the genre that well but I've read something and, I must say, I truly enjoyed this one; being a short story, it would have been less easy to make some mistakes, especially comparing to novels, but then this is a prequel and it looks really promising.

I liked the characters a lot, their problems and their lives, Taylor and Christopher's encounter and the story finale.

Taylor Ansley is a beautiful forty-year-old woman, she has a successful blog about interior design and she is married to a charming and youthful man who says to be in love with her; unfortunately, beside what Jim affirms, he cheated on her and intends to do it again but this time he wants his wife's blessing;
while Taylor is preparing her baggages to fly to Miami for a conference, her husband, which I would define a sex-addicted, proposes her an open marriage so he can frequent other women to satisfy his strong appetites.
Taylor, hurt and astonished by Jim's request, who before her departure asked her to think about it, restating his love, goes (or runs off...) to the airport.
It's during the flight to Miami that she meets the fascinating, sympathetic, kind and passionate Christopher Reddick...

A beautiful surprise! The story is really captivating, I can't wait to see how Taylor and Jim's marriage will develop and especially how will be the future love story between the beautiful blogger and Christopher.
At last here we haven't the same “old” characters: the young, almost prudish, girl who falls in love with the stunning and irresistible nabob, everyone and everything always perfect...Seatbacks and tray tables seems much more real and catching, I hope the novel will be the same.

I like the author's style: exact, sometimes rough, but not vulgar, thrilling and absorbing; I'm eagerly waiting The liberated wife.

Buona lettura!


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