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Review: Waking Up With The Duke (London's greatest lovers) - ENG

Author: Lorraine Heath
Original Title: Waking Up With The Duke
Release Year: 2011
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England, victorian age
Series: 3° of London's Greatest Lovers series

Vote: 10+/10

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You'll smile, you'll cry and you will be completely bewitched by Waking up with the duke.
...well, that's what happened to me.

Wow, it's an amazing love story, so sweet, suffered, heart-felt; a love path through grudge, sorrow, discoveries, joy, carefreeness, deep passion, forgiveness and the strongest feelings.

I loved the protagonists: Ainsley is the kindest character ever described, he is perfect! Jayne is stubborn, surprisingly strong, protective, caring and so sadly alone. They are amazing, both of them.

Three years ago, the Marquess of Walfort had a carriage wreck after a wild and dissolute night with his dearest friend, and cousin, Ransom Seymour, the Duke of Ainsley; unfortunately, while the Duke escaped unharmed, Walfort lost the use of his legs and the rest of his lower body.

The Marquess' wife, Jayne, was destroyed by the painful news and the shock is so strong that she miscarried. She wanted a child more then anything and she was trying to conceive since she had married Walfort and when they finally succeeded, her beloved husband was so overjoyed that he went out to celebrate with the Duke; sadly the same night the fatal accident happened.

In three years Jayne demonstrates to be a great wife, dedicated, loving and strong enough for both herself and her broken husband. However her grudge towards the man who has caused their sorrow, the man who was driving the carriage, the Duke, has deeply increased; but Ainsley seems to be the only one who can make Walfort happy and carefree again so Jayne, for her husband's sake, tolerates him.

But when Walfort asks Ransom to provide Jayne with what he can't provide because of the accident disablement and she most dearly desires, the Duke is astonished, incredulous and reticent, especially since they are both well aware of Jayne's disregard.
As predicted, the Marchioness is furious about their agreement; so when she finally decides to accept (after several incitements from her husband) she dictates some rules: their intercourses will be as detached as possible, no kisses and surely no passion.

“Unfortunately” the Duke reveals to be far form the bad rogue she thought, he his surprisingly gentle, tender and caring, he makes her dream again.

I'll say it again: it's wonderful. Ransom has been attracted physically and emotively to Jayne forever, he deeply admires her and I loved so much the way he makes her feel cheerful, appreciated and loved again. He is extremely dedicated and he makes her laugh, a thing she didn't since the accident.
On the other side I strongly valued Jayne's devotion to Walfort and her struggle when she starts to feel deeply attached to Ainsley.
Ainsley and Jayne's love story is so real, sweet and touching that their separation his actually painful for the reader.
But don't despair, despite the disclosed unimaginable secrets, the jealousies, the recriminations, the separations and the sorrows, they will finally live their love (though I won't say how, of course!).

I have been quite uncertain about my feelings to Walfort's behaviour towards Jayne, before and after the accident, and Ransom, I couldn't bring myself to despise him but he definitely acted badly.

You have to read it! I really enjoy Heath's style, I loved Lordof wicked intentions and this is hardly less fantastic! The author can create wonderful characters with splendid stories and dispositions.

Buona lettura!


London's Greatest Lovers series: 1. Passions of a wicked Earl (Morgan, Claire)
                                             2. Pleasures of notorious gentleman (Stephen, Mercy)
                                             3. Waking up with the Duke (Ransom, Jayne)

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