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Review: Beauty And The Blacksmith (Spindle Cove series) - ENG

Author: Tessa Dare
Original Title: Beauty And The Blacksmith
Release Year: 2013
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England (Spindle Cove), regency
Series: 3,5° of Spindle Cove series

Vote: 91/2/10

Another novella from the lucky Spindle Cove series!

Diana Highwood is a gentlewoman from a good family and she's a real beauty; but it isn't only her look to make her an handsom person: she's kind, sweet, polite and generous. Unfortunately Diana is also really fragile, or at least she was before her arrival with her family in Spindle Cove and that's exactly the reason why she is the village, she suffers from asthma so with her widow mother and her two younger sisters, Minerva (A week tobe wicked) and Charlotte, she moved to Spindle Cove one year before hopping that, thanks to the village proximity to the sea, her lungs could work better.

Diana's mother has always hopped for a good marriage for her daughters, especially for the eldest, she wants an handsome and rich nobel man and she will accept nothing less.
“Bad luck” wants that Diana is secretly smitten with the village blacksmith, the charming and statuary Aaron Dawes; what she doesn't know is that he feels something deep for her too but due to their social difference he never hoped in something more that fantasies and a mere friendship.
And yet their relationship takes an unexpected turn when in a particular situation Diana, to defuse tension, decides to ironically reveal him everything she has ever felt for him, expecting a totally different reaction from the one Aaron actually has...

It is a truly nice short story.
As I said in other Tessa Dare novel reviews, she has the phenomenal talent to describe extremely touching moments between the protagonists of her romances, and this isn't an exception, there are beautiful dialogs or thoughts.

I enjoyed so much how Diana and Aaron decide to deal with their feelings for each other, it's a really natural and easy approach, no rush at all, just “let's see how we can manage our relationship and how we feel about it”.
But what I appreciated the most is that there isn't the too perfect happy ending, I mean, he's a blacksmith, with a promising talent in creating really nice jewels and he tries to use it to make some more money and that's it, he doesn't inherit a title form some distant relative and he doesn't acquire an enormous sum which will make him the richest of Spindle Cove; he works hard to gain what he wants and also if Diana isn't accustomed to his kind of life she decides that their love worth more, no surreal developments and that's why I really liked it! 

Buona lettura!


Spindle Cove series: 1. A night to surrender (Susanna, Victor)
                                    1.5. Once upon a winter's eve (Violet, Christian)
                                    2. A week to be wicked (Minerva, Colin)
                                    3. A lady by midnight (Kate, Samuel)
                                    3.5. Beauty and the blacksmith (Diana, Aaron)
                                    4. Any duchess will do (Pauline, Griffin)                      

Tessa Dare's bibliography 

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