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Review: A Lady By Midnight (Spindle Cove series) - ENG

Author: Tessa Dare
Original Title: A Night To Surrender
Release Year: 2012
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England (Spindle Cove), regency
Series: 3° of Spindle Cove series

Vote:  9/10

Miss Kate Taylor is an amazing musician, she plays the piano splendidly; once she left the orphanage where she grew up, she decided to move to Spindle Cove to teach music.
She is a really nice person, kind, cheerful and patient and that's why everyone loves her in the village, everyone except the ill-tempered and unfriendly Corporal Samuel Thorne.

Kate, who has no relative left, has never stopped to look for her parents' identity and one day, during her research, she decides to meet her orphanage teacher who lives in the nearby city hoping to collect some information; unfortunately the old woman treats Kate badly, insulting her and, as if that wasn't enough she also misses the last carriage of the day to come back to Spindle Cove.
With little money and no place to go she starts panicking but unexpectedly is the prompt intervention of the only person who seems to hate her to rescue her life: Samuel Thorne.

Forced to come back together, with only one horse and a three hours journey ahead, Kate tries again to scratch Corporal's crusty appearance; she wants to understand why he is always so unpleasant to her and his answer is totally unpredictable (who read A week to be wicked already knows why...).
However as soon as they arrive in Spindle Cove, Kate receives a shocking surprise which will subvert her life completely and Samuel, although with his usual annoying and bossy behaviour, is determined to protect Kate. 


"Whatever soul I had, Katie, I think I placed it in your keeping twenty years ago. And now, it's as if...every time we kiss, you give a little piece of it back"

Oh gosh! *.*

I liked both the protagonists but Thorn at a certain point is a bit exasperating: he had a troubled childhood and in some respects humiliating, he isn't a literate person, he reads quite badly and that's why he thinks he isn't enough for Kate, both socially and culturally. Anyway he has clearly always been in love with her so he can't stay away from her but I guarantee he tries very hard!

We find here the newlywed Colin and Minerva, he's too funny.

A lovely book, not the best one from Spindle Cove series, but definitely very good and entertaining!

Buona lettura!


Spindle Cove series: 1. A night to surrender (Susanna, Victor)
                                    1.5. Once upon a winter's eve (Violet, Christian)
                                    2. A week to be wicked (Minerva, Colin)
                                    3. A lady by midnight (Kate, Samuel)
                                    3.5. Beauty and the blacksmith (Diana, Aaron)
                                    4. Any duchess will do (Pauline, Griffin)                      

Tessa Dare's bibliography

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