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Review: A Lady Never Surrenders (The Hellions of Halstead Hall) - ENG

Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Original Title: A Lady Never Surrenders
Release Year: 2012
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England, regency

Series: 5° of The Hellions of Halstead Hall series

Vote:  10/10

I truly liked it, beautiful story, engaging implications, very well organised mystery and, at least for me, not that obvious and last but not least the characters are wonderful and charming.
Now, as always, I firstly read the last of the series and now, I'm definitely going through the others (probably not following the correct order), I most certainly love Celia and Jackson but I must say I found the rest of the principal characters quite interesting and catching too, especially the Sharpe family's males, see Gabriel (To wed a wild lord).

Celia Sharpe is the youngest of the Marquesses of Stoneville's five children, her parents are both dead several years before, in what is thought to be an homicide/suicide: the former marchioness would have murdered her faithless husband and then she would have killed herself.
Celia has a recurring recollection about that sad night twenty years earlier, when she was five: she was ill and sleepy because of the medicines and she casually eavesdropped a quarrel between her parents, shortly before their death. Celia hasn't never seriously thought about it, believing it was just a child dream or imagination and she keeps thinking that way until the Bow street runner Jackson Pinter, employed by her older brother Oliver (the present Marquess) to find out the truth about their parents' departure, discovers some important news about the incident. These discoveries make Celia believes that maybe that unforgettable dream is, in truth, real.

Furthermore Celia is burdened by her grandmother's ultimatum: the old woman, who is taking care of her five grandchildren since they are orphans and who is extremely rich despite her common origins, has given the all of them, one year to find a spouse and to stop their exuberant lives (among the ton they are known as the hellions of Halstead Hall), if they won't succeed they will be disinherited (behind this plan there is the grandma's sorrow in seeing her beloved grandchildren wasting their life after the horrible loss and their painful childhoods).
Fortunately four of the Sharpe's siblings have found their soul mates and they are happily married; the only one left is Celia.

Celia who's definitely the most hardheaded and the sharpest of her family, is determined to do as she pleases, rejecting her grandmother's scheme, and to succeed makes a plan but, to make it work she needs Jakson Pinter's help, the man with whom, unfortunately, she hasn't an heavenly relationship: every time they meet they provoke each other, sometime with not particularly flattering words.
But the truth behind Jackson's crabby, harsh and unfriendly manners is that he's deeply attracted and fond of the young Sharpe who, irremediable bewitched him. So when she asks him to make some research about three possible suitors, a duke, a viscount and an earl, Jackson who's extremely jealous, does everything he can to ruin her plan and make Celia see him despite his low-born condition: he is not only untitled but he's also illegitimate and of unknown father.

I adored Celia and Jackson together, I deeply appreciate Sabrina Jeffiries, she creates remarkable characters with strong personalities and, so doing, they are difficult to forget. I enjoyed so much how the author expressed Jackson's contrasting thoughts, from the hope and the happiness he feels when he allows himself to dream about a life with Celia, to his turmoil given by his deep love for the young woman he thinks they can't truly live because of his origins and their economic disparity.

Celia is smart, witty and sharp but also sweet, sympathetic and fragile, exactly the kind of character I like.
I was a bit crossed by the grandmother's behaviour and absurd request, the most irritating thing is that she wants her grandchildren to find their spouses in a short time but she won't accept nothing less then love so frustrating! It has to be said, with the story proceeding I stared to understand her reasons and how difficult it was for her to be so harsh with them, but I still can't share her ways.

Buona lettura!


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Sabrina Jeffiries' bibliography


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