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Review: Miami Nice (The Liberated Wife series) - ENG

Author: Danica Boutté  
Original Title: Miami Nice 
Release Year: 2013
Literary Genre: Romance  
Setting: U.S.A., contemporary  
Series: 1° of The Liberated Wife series

Vote:  91/2/10

Il Profumo delle Pergamene officially has “The liberated wife fever”.

I warmly suggested Seatbacks and tray tables to my dear friends, and this blog co-authors, so I could share my exasperating wait for Miami nice release date (and for the record they enjoyed the prequel as much as I did); about that, with a bit of embarrassment, I must say that yesterday, convinced that it was the 1st of August, with J.J.P. we were looking for Miami nice on Amazon and when we realised that instead was the 31st of July (congratulations! We lost one day…), besides the realisation of our premature dotage, we also felt quite the distress thinking about another day of  delay; that’s just to let you know where we are…
Ah, anyway it’s too short…I’m suffering, like “nooo, it’s already finished :( ", how am I supposed to peacefully wait to know what will happen to Taylor, Christopher and Jim (and I think I could speak in J.J.P.’s name too)?!

(Before you read this review, or to understand it better, maybe you should read Seatback and tray tables)

We were waiting to know which would have been Taylor’s choice: follow the charming, kind and sweet Christopher Reddick and so doing cheat on her husband Jim (and pay him back with the same coin) or ignore the undeniable passion between her and Mr Reddick and continue her life as always has been, in other words waiting with heartache and apprehension the day his inveterate unfaithful husband will cheat on her again, with her assent for an open marriage or not (an offer that Jim had moved her before her departure for Miami).

Because of another blogger friend accidentally met in the airport, Taylor doesn’t have the chance to follow Christopher. However he doesn’t give up and after the business cards exchange, he makes every effort to see her again; the evening of the same day he has his occasion and goes to the same party in which she has been invited. Taylor, still angry with Jim, decides that she wants to be alone with Christopher but this time a different kind of  inconvenience, much more tragic, separates them again. But don’t worry, they will see each other again and it will be once more Jim’s dishonourable behaviour to make her understand that there is far more better man waiting  for her with open arms.

I already said it: now I HAVE TO KNOW what happens next!
I really like Taylor, especially her strong faithful aspect, besides her husband doesn’t deserve her dejection, she still thinks about her promises; because of that I appreciate a lot and more her realisation when she decides that she wants to go back to Christopher, hallelujah.
Well, of course I love Christopher; perfection is less perfect then him and he definitely is a realistic character; he is attentive and careful and he is exactly what Taylor needs, a man who appreciates her, who understands her and who doesn’t take her for granted.
Jim is a villain, I’m really sorry about what happens to him, but it doesn’t excuse him. I'm sure he will understand his mistakes, or at least I hope so, maybe he already did but this changes nothing and definitely doesn’t change the past…

I love this short story! I appreciated the development and how the story is organised. It’s a novella which satisfy the reader but you understand that the next one will give you more, it catches your attention completely.
There is only one sore point that J.J.P. pointed me out and in some aspects I agree with her, sometimes the dialogues are confused, on my behalf I believe that one of the Danica Boutté short stories’ forte is precisely the conspicuous number of direct speeches, but on a couple of occasions I actually asked myself who was speaking…no doubt this an easily solvable “problem” and we are talking about a second (published) work so I believe is completely excusable.

Buona lettura!

in collaboration with J.J.P.

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