Thursday, 29 August 2013

Review: The Officer and the Bostoner (Officer series) - ENG

Author: Rose Gordon
Original Title: The Officer and the Bostoner
Release Year: 2013
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: Texas, western 1845
Series: 1° of Officer series

Vote: 91/2/10

Really, really nice read! I deeply enjoyed the characters and the new (for me) setting. The officer and the Bostoner is settled in Texas in 1845.
My opinion about Rose Gordon's style is a bit superficial, I only read this book, but the first approach has been quite satisfying; I'm definitely going to read the next one from this series, The Officer and the Southerner (which by the way will be released tomorrow) and many others.

Captain Wes Tucker is an american army officer of the Fort Gibson's military base in Texas. He is honourable, protective and hardworking; he has quite the charming sense of humour and he's extremely sarcastic.
Allison Pearson is from Boston where she has always lived in comfort and wealth and now she is traveling through the country to reach is husband to be, the rich and charming Nicholas Parker, who recently moved to Santa Fe.

During one of the stagecoach stop, Allison decides to take a rest form her loud and annoying travel companions so she rush out the coach.
Unfortunately when she comes back she finds out that she has been left behind, in a godforsaken village in the middle of the Indian territory. But she doesn't worry too much, she will take the next coach shortly...except for the fact that the grumpy and stingy only shop owner in the place, communicates her that the next stage in line won't come sooner then a couple of months.

And it's while she's arguing with the shopkeeper that the handsome Wes appears and he is the only one who can help her but to do so she has to temporarily marry him.

Besides what Allison thinks, Wes isn't what he appears to be, he actually is the only son and heir of a enormously wealthy family but he despises the world from where Allison (and himself too) comes from.

It's an amazing novel, I loved the setting, the story and especially the protagonists, they have amazing personalities and behaviours.
Wes and Allison's relationship development his really intense, I pretty much enjoyed their initial disagreements and ostensible incompatibility.

Allison is so sweet and strong willed, I found extremely funny and tender when she stubbornly insists she can sew and make her own clothes, prepare coffee or do everything concerning the household...but she is a total mess and Wes, who secretly knows it, tries to help Allison behind her back, keeping her comfortable.
I have already said that but Wes is too funny, especially at the beginning I laugh so much.

I can't wait to read The Officer and the southerner...well, fortunately I don't have to wait that much!

Buona lettura! 


Officer series: 1. The officer and the bostoner (Wes, Allison) 
                    2. The officer and the southerner (Jack, Ella) 
                    3. The officer and the traveler (Gray, ?)

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