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Review: The Seduction of Lady Phoebe (The Marriage Game)

Author: Ella Quinn
Original Title: The Seduction of Lady Phoebe
Release Year: 2013
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England, regency
Series: 1° of The Marriage Game series

Vote: 8/10

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I reeeally liked The Seduction of Lady Phoebe! I must say, I deeply enjoyed Ella Quinn style, it's fluid, engaging, romantic and passionate, clear and detailed but never boring ; the story is amazing too, the characters are funny and charming, I liked this caring and relaxed mood between Phoebe's relatives and I most definitely love Marcus!

Marcus Finley is the Marquis of Dunwood's second son. He desperately falls in love with Lady Phoebe Stanhope at first sight, when he's a stormy and a bit problematic young man of twenty years old.
Because of his bad behaviour, his father has banished him to the West Indies but, before he leaves, Marcus has to declare his love to Phoebe so he can marry the girl and bring her with him to start a new life; unfortunately when he decides to propose he is drunk. Their encounter is catastrophic and Phoebe, profoundly shocked and insulted by his deplorable actions, promises herself that she will despise him forever.
What Marcus doesn't know is that the fifteen-year-old Phoebe, the only person who has never judged him, secretly returned his feeling, which makes his conduct even more painful.

Marcus is a new man, honourable, loyal and gentle. He immediately understood his mistake towards Phoebe and since then he has worked hard to become a better man. He wants, he needs to make amends to the woman he never stopped loving and now that he his back in England he will do whatever it takes to finally conquer Phoebe's heart.

Phoebe is a stunning woman, stubborn, strong, smart and independent and she hates Marcus Finely.
She has been deeply marked by his horrible actions.
Despite the conspicuous number of suitors she has since her first season, Phoebe has never accepted a courtship: she will marry only for love and she won't accept nothing less, besides, a life on her own is not that unwelcome...

When she finds out about Marcus' return she decides to avoid him as much as possible...but their encounter is unpredictable and unexpected and when it finally takes place Phoebe feels what she was waiting for: a deep connection with another person and an unforgettable attraction...the problem is that she hasn't recognised him and Marcus uses this occasion to make her appreciate him without preconceptions and to make her feel what he feels for her, the love of his life.

It is so sweet. Marcus is splendid and together with Phoebe they are perfection. He is so real, I loved his insecurities; she is passionate and spontaneous. The villain is terrible, he's obsessed with Phoebe and has a particular and natural inclination for murders.
I have to mention Arthur (Marcus' older brother), there are really touching and moving moments about him and his two daughters, Marcus' regrets and Pheobe's empathy.

I would also love to know more about Hermione and Edwin, Hester and John, Geoffrey and Amabel!

Ella Quinn wrote a really good novel and I can't wait to read The secret life of Miss Anna Marsh, the foretastes are pretty amazing!!!

Buona lettura!


The Marriage Game series: 1. The seduction of Lady Phoebe (Phoebe, Marcus)
                                     2. The secret life of Miss Anna Marsh (Anna, Sebastian)
                                     3. The temptation of Lady Serena (Serena, Robert) 
                                     4. Desiring Lady Caro (Caroline, Gervais)

 ** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity.

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