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Review: A Week To Be Wicked (Spindle Cove series) - ENG

Author: Tessa Dare
Original Title: A Week To Be Wicked
Release Year: 2012
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England (Spindle Cove) and Scotland, regency
Series: 2° of Spindle Cove series

Vote:  91/2/10

Minerva Highwood would do everything for her two sisters, Diana, the eldest, and the youngest Charlotte.
Diana (Beauty and the blacksmith) is the real beauty of the family, she’s sweet and unfortunately a bit dainty; there are rumours about the Viscount Payne's intention to court her but he, Colin Sundhurst, is not exactly the perfect man, he is a gambler with financial problems, he's a dissolute rake and he's a bit disturbed too. Minerva knows that and she decides that he definitely can't marry Diana.

Minerva is an extremely smart girl, her biggest passion is the geology; she spends the most of her time studying everything about the subject and during her research she finds out about some footprints that if demonstrate real might be considered one of the biggest discovery of the century. She wants to show the evidences of her study at the symposium settled in Edinburgh and hosted by the Royal Geological Society in a week time, but se needs an escort. To Achieve two things with one stroke, during a night she goes to the Viscount's home and, knowing that the man is in Spindle Cove against his will, Minerva makes him a proposal: five hundred guineas, so he could easly leave the place, in exchange of his promise to never marry Diana; but to gain the sum, Minerva has to win the symposium competition in Scotland and Colin should escort her through the journey.

After some persuasive talks, second thoughts, demonstrations, kisses, stolen at the beginning but then not really, Colin agrees to her proposition.

Everything happens during their travel: Colin, who's claustrophobic, absolutely doesn't use a carriage, they have little money, they can't reveal their true identity and most of all they have to sleep together...in the same bed...

Colin is too funny, he has a mocking irony and possesses a strongly vivid imagination, especially when it comes to invent absurd stories about their identities. He always fakes a lack of memory about Minerva's name, calling her with other names with “M”, it's really amusing!
They are both shameless, Colin because his naturally charmer, Minerva because of her curiosity.

As I said before, Tessa Dare has a talent to create perfect situation and wonderful interactions between the two protagonists. It's a thrilling and touching novel, I loved Colin and Minerva together!

In A week to be wicked we meet for the first time the dear Duke of Halford, who is not exactly “dear” in this book...I firstly read his novel (Anyduchess will do, which is no doubt, the best of the series) and I must say that if I had read Colin's one before, I would have understand better the Duke's character; he had a truly profligate existence, his life before the tragic event which shortly after A week to be wicked events will strike him, was a complete mess.  

Buona lettura!


Spindle Cove series: 1. A night to surrender (Susanna, Victor)
                                    1.5. Once upon a winter's eve (Violet, Christian)
                                    2. A week to be wicked (Minerva, Colin)
                                    3. A lady by midnight (Kate, Samuel)
                                    3.5. Beauty and the blacksmith (Diana, Aaron)
                                    4. Any duchess will do (Pauline, Griffin)                      

Tessa Dare's bibliography 

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