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Review: Devil in My Arms (The Saint's Devils series) - ENG

Author: Samantha Kane
Original Title: Devil in My Arms
Release Year: 2013
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England, regency
Series: 3° of The Saint's Devils

Vote: 81/2/10


Beautiful story! I enjoyed it quite a lot. The characters are charming and vey well described; the story, which sometimes has a bit intricate plot, is never confused or tedious.
The escape, the disguise, the trial and last but surely not least, Hilary and Eleanor's love story, everything gives a splendid and interesting development to the whole story.

Mrs. Eleanor Enderby is running away from her abusive and possessive husband and, to set him and his men on the wrong track, she has hidden wearing man clothes and walking around the filthier parts of London; unfortunately that means she has been starving and living in the worst conditions. After three vagrant months, she finally decides to seek help and refuge from her beloved sister Harriet and her brother-in-law Roger (Tempting a devil).
It's exactly when she is in font of her sister house that she meets the charming Sir Hilary St. John, who she initially things to be one of her devil husband's men but who instead is a dear friend of Roger and Harriet and the man who is looking for her on their behalf.

After the happy and touching reunion, Eleanor need to think up a plan to keep hiding from her husband and, besides Hilary is undoubtedly fascinated by the beautiful, brave, determined and strong Eleanor he has decides to give her some space and serenity but he is determined not to let her come to more harm than whatever it is she has already survived.

Six months passed and Hilary just got back from a business travel in Italy. Eleanor after a hard personal path, finally feels safe: her husband declared her dead and then remarried. She is now ready to start a new life, although she has to use a new identity.
So when she meets again Hilary, during a ball to which she's participating as Mrs. Elizabeth Fairchild, she feels something new and challenging and, on the other side, Hilary seems more than interested in her person, her thoughts and her opinions, he clearly pants for her presence.

Unfortunately there are several threats from both their pasts lurking around their lives and their love...

Well, the story is definitely intriguing, the crime is quite challenging, the characters are amazing, I loved them. Eleanor is brave but extremely gentle and sweet, sometimes she seems insecure but she never gives up, she has the most beautiful relationship with Hilary, they laugh, they joke and they understand each other deeply; there's a looot of passion here!
I adore Eleanor relationship with Wiley, and I actually love Wiley himself (I really, really hope there will his own book, I'm quite confident).
I found pretty much interesting the all trial and court scenes, there are a lot of tension and they are super thrilling!

I truly enjoyed Samantha Kane style, I'm definitely going to read the other books from this series and something from the Brothers in arms.

Buona lettura!


The Saint's Devils series: 1. The devil's thief (Alasdair, Julianna)
                                  2. Tempting a devil (Roger, Harriet)
                                  3. Devil in my arms (Hilary, Eleanor)
                                     ... ... ...


 ** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity.

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