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Review: A Kiss Of Lies (The Disgraced Lords series) - ENG

Author: Bronwen Evans
Original Title: A Kiss of Lies
Release Year: 2014
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: Canada, England, regency
Series: 1st of The Disgraced Lords series

Vote: 91/2

Recently I have had some difficulties finding a romances which could REALLY catch my attention, therefore you can imagine my surprise and satisfaction when, while reading the first chapters of this book, I found A kiss of lies would have been a very good novel and exactly what I was looking for; and now that I finished it I can confirm that this one is more than good!

The story is surprisingly catching, I had to know how the plot would have been developed since the beginning and, most definitely, I NEED to know how the mystery (which I believe is going to be the common factor of all this romances series) is going to evolve.
Speaking of the mystery, I love it; it is so amazingly presented and orchestrated, I can't explain how much I want to know more about it!
This last aspect, the magnificent and touching love story and the protagonists' backgrounds, which are so moving that I cried more than once, are the strong points of this novel!

Sarah Cooper is desperate to escape her abusive husband, that's why she decides to disguise herself as a governess to seek employ in the Earl of Markham's household.
Christian Trent is a war hero who was badly injured, half of his body and face are covered with scars. Unfortunately, shortly after is return from France he was accused of the rape of a Duke's daughter, which is the reason why he had to escaped to Canada; but now, after the death of the only friend he had during his exile, he decides that it has come the time to go back to England, with is ward the sweet 10-years-old Lily, to clear his name and regain his honour. What he needs is a governess for Lily.
When Christian sees the beautiful Sarah, the only woman who doesn't seem to be repelled by his scars, he's irremediable besotted, he feels alive again, and there's nothing he wants more than win her heart and he has the long journey to Europe to succeed.

Christian's sorrow, regret, need and kindness are amazing, I've loved how the author lets us “see” his feeling inadequate of Sarah's beauty and affection but most of all I've loved how he seems and tries to be confident in wooing her.
Sarah is lovely. The two of them are so touchingly protective towards each other. She has always fantasised about marrying Christian, since when she wasn't even a debutante and used to hide and peek at the young handsome earl during balls and parties but now she has a dangerous secret that threaten their happy ending.

If you like a wounded, kind, passionate hero, who wants love so desperately, despite his terrible past, if you like a brave, extremely strong and lovely heroine, if you like romances with a good mystery and if you love splendid and touching love stories, this is the book!

Buona lettura and Happy New Year!!!


The Disgraced Lords series: 1. A Kiss of Lies (Christian, Serena)
                             2. A Promise of More (Sebastian, Beatrice)
                             3. A Touch of Passion (Grayson, Portia)
                             4. A Whisper of Desire (Maitland, Marisa)

** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group (Loveswept) in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity.


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