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Review: Scandalously Yours (The Hellions of High Street) - ENG

Author: Cara Elliott
Original Title: Scandalously Yours
Release Year: 2014
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England, regency
Series: 1° of The Hellions of High Street

Vote: 8/10


This is a good Historical Romance...did I fall in love with it? Not exactly.

I'm going to explain myself: I really, really liked John, he's charming; he's not the usual hero, he possessed the qualities of the gruff male character but at the same time he's, in a sense, shy and insecure. I loved these aspects.
Prescott (John's son) is not bad, I enjoyed his person too, he's funny and smart.
Now we come to Olivia...mind you, I wouldn't say I didn't like her, because I liked some of her behaviours and I was intrigued by her sharpness and her sweetness, but despite that, she didn't convince me so much...and that's a shame because the romance is good, well-written, with a good plot and has really interesting second characters but I can't say that it irremediable caught me.

The eldest of the three Sloane sisters, Olivia, is bold, sharp, very smart, brazen sometimes, especially with John, and opinionated.
The young woman prefers to spend time writing about politics under the pseudonym “The Beacon” which gain her a amazing notoriety among London society.

When her essays attract the attention of the perfect-and-so-proper Earl of Wrexham she find herself to help him to write and prepare his speech to fight for the social reform, in exchange of his silent about The Beacon's true identity.
But Wrexham is also surprisingly and strongly attracted to Olivia and, despite his proper behaviour would suggest the contrary, he can't stay away from her.

Passion flares between them but when a political enemy kidnaps John's son, Prescott, they must make some dangerous decision...and trust that love will conquer all.

It's a good reading, with very interesting developments and especially a really good male protagonist. 

Buona lettura and Happy New Year!!!


P.S. The cover is beautiful!

The Hellions of High Street series: 1. Scandalously Yours (Olivia, John)                                                                                                                       2. Sinfully Yours (Anna, Devlin) 
                                              3. Passionately Yours (Caro, ?)

Cara Elliott's bibliography                          

** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing (Forever) in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity.


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