Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Review: The Escape (The Survivor's Club) - ARC

Author: Mary Balogh
Original Title: The Escape
(Italian Title: Due Cuori in fuga)
Release Year: 2014
Literary Genre: Romance
Setting: Wales and England, regency
Series: 3° of The Survivor's Club series

Vote: 81/2

The ingredients weren't good...MORE! I've read loads of Mary Balogh's romances and I appreciate her, I've loved, really loved Slightly Dangerous, Slightly Tempted and Simply Love. On the other hand I also criticised the, sometimes annoying, recurrence of the false marriage escamotage.

Well, the series The Survivors' Club is great, has amazing characters, a beautiful, charming and intriguing background which connects each protagonist but when it comes to the development of the characters in their own story, the magic in a way loses shine.

The beginning is extremely catching (it was my first book from the series, therefore I didn't know the story), I felt the connection between the members of the Club, their feelings and sentiments are touching, and giving credit where credit is due, one of Mary Balogh's strong capacity is the emotional expression and here we are talking about Napoleonic Wars physical end psychical wounds.

Sir Benedict Harper is a war survivor, he has legs injuries which would preclude him to walk, although he obstinately uses canes which inflict him endless pain, not only physical but also emotional.
Samantha McKay has recently lost her husband and now she needs to escape to Wales to claim a house she has inherited and Benedict insists to escort her on her journey.

This a journey of hope, rediscovered joy and passion. This romance is lovely and touching. Mary Balogh has a special talent in creating wounded and deep characters, no doubt in that.
I liked the novel a lot, although sometimes I found some uncertainties; as I said before, with these amazing ingredients, the plot, the background, characters...The Escape and the series in general could have been a masterpiece but it hasn't completely convinced me yet, what I know with absolute certainty is that I'm very eagerly waiting for the next one in the series, Only Enchanting, with my already beloved Viscount, Flavian!

Buona lettura!


The Survivor's Club series:  1. The Proposal (Hugo, Gwendoline)
                                   1.5. The Suitor (Julian, Philippa)
                                    2. The Arrangement (Vincent, Sophia)
                                    3. The Escape (Benedict, Samantha) 
                                    4. Only Enchanting (Flavian, Agnes)

** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book on courtesy of NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Bantam Dell in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity.


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