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Review: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea (Pennyroyal Green) - ARC

Author: Julie Anne Long
Original Title: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea
(Italian Title: La Resa)
Release Year: 2014
Literary Genre: Romance
Setting: England, regency
Series: 9° of the Pennyroyal Green

Vote:  8

In this novel there's a problem with Tansy, the heroine; the first impact wasn't very promising, at the beginning I wasn't really into her, she results a bit vain and shallow...but, with my immense delight, as the reading proceeded, my opinion easily and rapidly changed. She's a deeper character than what the reader might think initially.

On the other side we have Ian, well, how can he not be loved?! I adored him even before, so you can imagine my opinion after Between the Devil and Ian Eversea.
He's sweet, protective and loyal...a bit of a rascal too, but then there wouldn't be any fun if he were the too perfect hero; I normally appreciate more the “respectable” and posed heroes, but I must say, Ian is amazingly portrayed throughout the Pennyroyal series and the author did a major work with his personality, he's one of the character that has hit me the most in my “romances knowledge”.

And it's probably Ian the reason why I would have expected a different story here, a more striking one. We are talking about the character who, in my beloved What I Did For A Duke, slept with the hero's fiancée (as well as his future brother-in-law!), he was a powerful and full of potential subject, AS MUCH AS Olivia Eversea (and, on reflection, Lyon Redmond)!

Despite these imperfections, we are talking about a lovely romance, fast paced and very catching!

Buona lettura!


Pennyroyal Green series: 1. The perils of pleasure (Colin Eversea & Madeleine)
                                       2. Like no other lover (Miles Redmond & Cynthia)
                                       3. Since the surrender (Chase Eversea & Rosalind)
                                       4. I kissed an earl (Violet Redmond & Asher)
                                       5. What I did for a duke (Genevieve Eversea & Alexander)
                                       6. How the marquess was won (Julian & Phoebe)
                                       7. A notorious countess confesses (Evie & Adam Sylvaine - cugino degli Eversea)                                        8. It happened one midnight (Jonathan Redmond & Thomasina)
                                       9. Between the Devil and Ian Eversea (Ian Eversea & Tansy)
                                      10. It started with a scandal (Philippe & Elise)
                                      11. The legend of Lyon Redmond (Lyon & Olivia)

Julie Anne Long's bibliography

** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book on courtesy of the Author, Julie Anne Long, Edelweiss and HarperCollins - Avon in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity. 

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