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Review: Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane)


Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Original Title: Dearest Rogue
Release Year: May 2015

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Georgian Era
Series: 8th of the Maiden Lane

Vote: 10

What can I say...I adored this last novel in the series which, more than any other, has surprised me with the growth it has made. My initial approach with the Maiden Lane series has not been among the best; I'm not a big fan of Wicked Intentions and Notorious Pleasure, quite the contrary...but I'm totally in love with, in order of appreciation and amount of shivers/emotions aroused, Thief of Shadows, Duke of Midnight and Scandalous Desires. These just mentioned are among my all time favourite romances and they are the reason why I love the series and Elizabeth Hoyt's style. which is sharp, realistic, sometimes harsh, but also so very gentle, romantic and breathtaking and this is exactly what I believe to be the author's strength, the not-very-common capacity to combine roughness and sweetness in a perfect balance.

Dearest Rogue is a perfect addition to this series, I adored it.
It's a sweet and touching romance. I was looking forward to read it (suffice to say that the day it was released, in the morning, I had quite big and stressing Tort law exam, which in turn means I had previously hardly slept and, the first thing I did, as soon as I got back home was start reading this one...and I didn't stop until I got to the end of it...too dragging!); the reality exceeded the expectations.

I've been interested in Captain Trevillion since his first appearance in the series, interest that has been growing throughout each romance until this one. Finally!
He has that charming authority and virility that most of Hoyt's heroes have but at the same time he possesses a gentleness, sweetness and protectiveness which made me fall in love with him.

And then there is Lady Phoebe Batten. I like her, I have liked her since her sister Hero's romance (Notorious Pleasure), in fact I've appreciated more the former than the latter; Phoebe is not flawless, and in case it wasn't clear enough, I like it more when the characters are realistic...and perfection is not realistic at all.
I won't say I was as much eager to read about her as I was for James Trevillion but I must admit that when I got a glimpse of the plot of this romance, I immediately thought they would have actually been perfect for each other.
The author created the ideal chemistry between them and the most catching and sweetest storyline.

One last consideration, I'm exceedingly happy Elizabeth Hoyth decided not to perform miracles for our protagonists...but I won't say more, you will understand what I mean. Let's just say, as I've already had, that also if we are talking about historical romances, at least a semblance of reality, is very much appreciated. And I did appreciate Dearest Rogue! Very much!

Buona lettura!



Author: Julie Anne Long Original Title: It Started with a Scandal Release Year: March 2015 Literary Genre: Historical Romance Setting: England, Regency Series: 10° of the Pennyroyal Green series Vote: 8 1/2 - See more at:

Buona lettura!


Maiden Lane series:             1. Wicked Intentions  (Lazarus & Temperance)
                                  2. Notorious Pleasure (Griffin & Hero)
                                  3. Scandalous Desires (Mickey & Silence)
                                  4. Thief of Shadows (Winter & Isabel)
                                  5. Lord of Darkness (Godric & Margaret)
                                  6. Duke of Midnight (Maximus & Artemis) 
                                  7. Darling Beast (Apollo & Lily) 
                                  8. Dearest Rogue (James & Phoebe) 
                                  9. Sweetest Scoundrel (Asa & Eve)  
                                 10. Duke of Sin (Valentine & Bridget)
                                 11. Duke of Pleasure (Hugh & Alf) 
                                 12. Duke of Desire

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