Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Review: Luck Be A Lady (Rules of the Reckless) - ARC

Author: Meredith Duran
Original Title: Luck Be A Lady
Release Year: August 2015

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 4th of Rules of the Reckless

Vote: 9 1/2

The hero, Nicholas O'Shea, reminded me of Derek Craven, which says a lot if you consider that Dreaming of You is my favourite romance of all times.

In my humble opinion, to really, deeply understand Nick's character, reading Lady Be Good, that is the previous novel in the series, is crucial. He is a hero with his dark sides and his sharp, if not negative aspects, and to actually feel his growth and his personality, the facts narrated in the 3rd romance are quite relevant. 
He is not a knight in shining armour, he can be maddening and some of his actions are definitely severe and even slightly mean, at the same time he's highly protective, passionate, reliable and so deeply and adorably complicated; there's this constant dichotomy, in him and about him, between mean and good, shadow and light. I do love this kind of hero and they are very difficult to come across with...among the several HRs I've read, he's the only one with this characteristics, and following Craven, who actually is so well portrayed to be credible.
Meredith Duran in fact reminds me in some ways of Lisa Kleypas, which said by me can be only a huge compliment. In details what truly reminds me of her is the capacity Meredith Duran has to give us characters with actual personalities, and characters which are noticeable and distinct, they are memorable. And this last statement leads me to the heroine, Catherine Everleigh, she's a very "complicated" character, oh I disliked her quite a lot in Lady Be Good, but as for Nick, that was needed to picture what it is a great, intense and unforgettable heroine in her own story. She's unusual in her personality, her occupations and interests, she's an innovative HR heroine, not the already and maybe, overly seen female protagonist. 
To make characters stand out in the extremely extended genre of Historical Romance, peculiar characteristics, deep and catching personalties, why not, protagonists who are not angels but who can actually be also humanly troubled and who can act very negatively and infamously, are the key in my opinion; I've read loads of good romances, but unfortunately, despite the instant enjoyment, many of them are easily forgettable or replaced by another. I'm quite sure my memory won't easily dismiss neither Nick nor Catherine. 

This romance is catching, surprising, entertaining, moving and last but not least, very well presented and written. Meredith Duran keeps surprising me at every turn and this novel is exactly what I wanted to read, and much more, in the sequel of Lady Be Good, which I've also loved. Chapeau to her amazing talent.
Obviously I'm extremely eager to read her next works!  

Buona lettura!


**I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book in exchange for an honest review**

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