Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Review: My Enchanting Hoyden (Once Upon A Rogue)


Author: Julie Johnstone
Original Title: My Enchanting Hoyden
Release Year: August 2015

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 3rd of Once Upon A Rouge

Vote: 7

Nice novel, great plot and potentially amazing characters. This romance stressed me out, which is not necessarily a terrible thing but for sure I waited a lot for an actual, substantive contact between the protagonists...there was a point I had almost given up expecting for more "carnal" developments, for most of the romance they live a platonic love in every aspect, that per se wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that there are looooads of "by a hair's breadth" and every. damn. time. they are interrupted, it was exasperating! However this is a very personal perception of the story and possibly I'm to simple to understand platonic love.

That said this romance must be praised for the plot, wow, My enchanting hoyden has a great storyline, and I adored the protagonists for most of the novel as well (save for the heroine last pages), Philip, the hero is so sweet and lovely, everything but a rake, I do love those kind of male protagonists. Jemma, the heroine is so very bold, strong and sharp and so fragile at the same time. The dialogues between Jemma and Philip are very entertaining.

Concluding, this is a nice and entertaining romance, maybe not the perfect one for those who expect a bit more of steaminess from romances, but still an enjoyable one!

Buona lettura!



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