Sunday, 13 September 2015

Review: Tempting Miss Allender (Regency Rakes)

Author: Wendy Vella
Original Title: Tempting Miss Allender
Release Year: August 2015

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 3rd of Regency Rakes

Vote: 7 1/2

This novel has a really good part and a not-so-good one (that doesn't mean bad, just not as good as the first).
Wendy Vella is an author I've recently "discovered" and I must affirm she's highly talented and she writes great romances, in fact, so far I've loved those I've read; there is good timing, great characters, catching stories and overall a fairly important amounts of shivers, which is what, most of the times, marks my standards when it comes to this genre, what for me makes the difference between a good romance and a great, fabulous one is the capacity it has to drag me so much into the plot and its pages to make me empathetically feel like the characters feel...and therefore shiver.

So, back to Tempting Miss Allender, the first half of the story falls under what I consider a lovely, catching romance which presents great potential and builds the "tension" between the protagonists and the characters; although, when actually a romance is supposed to tying up its loose ends, here, it fails to do so in a way which is in line with the rest of the romance; it slows down significantly, it introduces aspects I didn't particularly enjoyed reading, it gives a, to me, inexplainable and sudden change of attitude in the hero towards a grief he's been carrying for long time which made the whole situation almost weirdly comical and it makes a mystery/drama too persistent to be credible or at least entertaining.
That said overall, I did like the romance but I definitely enjoyed more Wendy Vella's other works.
One final thing I want to put attention on is, that this author's stories are exactly what I look for in a romance, I do love her plots, when I read the summary of one of her novels I always need to read the book straight away. And so far she hasn't disappointed my expectations (even this romace which is not my favourite is for sure a really good romance).

Buona lettura!


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