Sunday, 4 October 2015

Review: An Honorable Wish (A Lady's Wish) - ARC

Author: Eileen Richards
Original Title: An Honorable Wish
Release Year: November 2015

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 2nd of A Lady's Wish

Vote: 8 1/2

This romance will be released the 24th of November 2015 

I can now confirm I like a lot Eileen Richards' style. It's very fluid and natural. Moreover she can really create catching and engaging plots; she sets up stories like the ones I love; those where the heroes don't necessarily play the too navigated, almost untouchable and cynical part, as if a man can be attractive only if he runs from feelings and doesn't want to commit; clearly I don't mind that kind, lets be honest, I wouldn't be human otherwise, but I do adore when a hero is sweet, caring, very much involved, he is falling in love since the very beginning, he doesn't hide it and realise it soon in the storyline.

I liked both the protagonists also in the first romance of the series (review here), but what I enjoyed a lot is the growth Tony has gone through, the difference with the young man he was in the previous novel, where he was pleasantly immature, very easily caught by emotions and even naive, is strong.
In An Honorable Wish he's a grown up man, who can make his mistakes but who can also take responsibilities for them, trying to make amend. I loved him pretty much indeed! Moreover what I stylistically found very smart and entertaining is how the author expressed Tony's thoughts, especially regarding Juliet; Eileen Richard portrayed a very manly way of thinking, the doubts and incomprehension a man can have towards a woman's behaviour, the "astonishments" and even loss of words. I found it very realistic and funny.

Juliet, who I liked a lot in the first novel, in this book is portrayed with a much more complicated personality than I thought she might have had. Despite the objectively (and probably wanted) annoying behaviour she has towards Tony in the second half of the romance, she comes out real and human, and I appreciated the stylistic choice made, she's not perfect and she is just getting into adulthood therefore she still possess some "childish" behaviours and some unrealistic romantic dreams which, however, she's able to overcome throughout the plot and which are very fitting to her age.
It's always a smart decision that to give characters personalities as more human as possible; in my opinion it is easier to sympathise and empathise with an heroine or an hero with natural flaws than with one dangerously close to perfection.

The story is catching and entertaining, fast-paced and very sweet. I can't wait for Sophia's story, which I'm expecting to be WELL thrilling and engaging! I did love her in this book, she has this attitude between disinterested, cheeky, highly ironical and sarcastic that promises fire and sparkle, I'm literally counting the days (whichever is going to be the release date...which I don't know yet).

Buona lettura!


** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book on courtesy of NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity **

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