Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Review: A Brazen Bargain (Spies and Lovers)

Author: Laura Trentham
Original Title: A Brazen Bargain
Release Year: 2016

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency Era
Series: 2nd of Spies and Lovers

Vote: 10

Soooo good! This is one of the rare examples of a story where everything falls in the right place. I'm in love. I'd like more books like this one.

The plot is what I'm always looking for in romances, passion, struggle, a-satisfying-but-not-excessive dose of misunderstanding, a strong-willed heroine and a tormented hero. And many other things.

Let's be honest, I was craving for this love story from the first book in the series and therefore I had high expectations.

The hero, Rafe, is hot! (Fan needed here.) He is a charming spectrum of dichotomies, stubborn and so adorably insecure, rough and gentle, bitter and sweet, impetuous and cautious, extremely passionate but also detached.

The heroine is his perfect match and they are adorable together.

The plot is funny, original and fast-paced. I liked Simon, the heroine's brother, a lot and I'm waiting for him and his story!

The only thing I have some doubts about is the "historical" imprecision in regards to the noble titles and the society precepts of the regency era. In some parts I had the impression they weren't observed.

Buona lettura!


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