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Review: What the Marquess Sees (Agents of Change)

Author:  Amy Quinton
Original Title: What the Marquess Sees
Release Year: December 2015

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 2nd of Agents of Change

Vote: 10

Author:  Amy Quinton
Original Title: What the Duke Wants
Release Year: January 2015

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 1st of Agents of Change

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My heartbeat has been overly tested by this novel, I still feel the hungover. This is one of those few romances where I have had a much bigger appreciation for the heroine than for the hero. I did love both, but I must say that Lady Beatryce is an extremely complex character, with her, the reader is always on the edge between disliking and loving her; I found myself more than once in the position to empathise with her and understanding her actions despite the fact that they are obviously wrong.

To be clear, in this case, like in no other previously, I had the impression that the author did not try to dignify the heroine's mean actions; in What the Duke Wants Beatryce is hateful and mean, and I honestly fully detested her, in fact, when I read the confirmation that the heroine of What the Marquess Sees would have been her, I had some hard moments understanding how I could have liked her; however the author did an incredible work with her, Quinton simply prospected Beatryce's wrongdoings as facts and not as a martyr's behaviour.
Beatryce's redemption occurs, in my eyes, because she is a human being who wanted to survive and as such, consciously, acts to save herself, in most cases despite the consequences inflicted on others. She knows that what she has done is not noble but in a way she does not regret it because she put herself and her life before the others'.
This is a very realistic behaviour and it is also the strongest aspect of this story. I have a deep appreciation for those novels where the characters are pictured as real, and not as saints.

If there will be strong negative critiques regarding her "malice", it would mean that probably there had been a lack of identification with the characters and poor reading, honestly, with those circumstances everybody would have behaved in the same way the heroine did.

On the other hand, I fell in love with Cliff, the hero, in the first novel of the Agents of Change series, this story just confirmed my feelings. He has a temper, I like his passion, his sarcasm and his sweetness. Like Beatryce, he is very real and "tangible".

The chemistry between the protagonists is explosive! They are very good together, they tease each other to no limits, they are sharp and so on fire! The author created an extremely catching connection. As said above, my heart suffered many extra beatings here, since page one of the romance.

Concluding, this is a great romance, not inferior to the previous one, quite the contrary, I adored it and I cannot wait for the next novel, I hope we won't have to wait too much. This series is one of those I look forward to keep reading and reading and reading.

Buona lettura!

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