Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Review: The Improper Bride (Sisters of Scandal)

Author: Lily Maxton
Original Title: The Improper Bride
Release Year: January 2016

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 5th of Sisters of Scandal

Vote: 10+

"Love humbles you"

Nothing can summarise The Improper Bride better than these three words. It is a very moving book. And the reason is not the hero's injuries or recovery, or the heroine's background, but it is the love growing between them that hit me the hardest. It was reading about how a very and truly snobbish, classist, self-absorbed and whimsy aristocrat is slowly humbled by a strong and unexpected feeling for a heroine who's far below him. A hero who, in case you don't know, is the antagonist in the previous romance in the series, The Mistake.

He struggles, he has difficulties to come to terms with this deep attraction, he says things he shouldn't say, he adores the heroine, he wants her, not only physically but especially emotionally. He's protective and sweet; sweet in the way someone, who feels to belong to someone else but doesn't feel confident enough to make a claim, would be.
All the process of him falling in love, is something so touching and real that it was so much more that just a hero being injured and a heroine helping him recovering. The dragging part comes after that. 

"He could do this, he suddenly realised, every day for the rest of his life. 
He could walk with her, and tease her, and spar with her, and touch her, 
and breathe her in like rain-soaked air after a storm. 
He wanted to do this." 

The Improper Bride is one of the best novel I've recently read. Do read it, you won't regret it.

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