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Review: The Study of Seduction (Sinful Suitors) - ARC

Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Original Title: The Study of Seduction
Release Year: March 2016
Literary Genre: Romance
Setting: England, Victorian era
Series: 2° of Sinful Suitors series

Vote: 9 +

If this blog is not new to you, you will already know that I ADOOOOORE, with passion, Sabrina Jeffries. I love her style above everything, I believe that she and Lisa Kleypas are the only two who in this genre have never really failed (obviously there are downs and ups, but also the former are definitely better than the average).

That said, The Study of Seduction has one of the best heroes ever created. I'd pay everything just to know that someone like him really exists...I have been salivating after him since the first book in the series and let's be honest, I will keep dreaming about him for long. He is strict but also capable of the most heartwarming sweetness and gentleness. Sigh.

There is a but. I must admit that my review is coming late because I had to cope with some things, digest them and then re-read the novel with another awareness. Now, there are two reasons for this, the first very personal and, if you want, superficial and the second, slightly more concrete.

First. The wedding; I am sorry but I do not like induced/"forced" weddings, in the middle or at the beginning of the story, they put me off. I cannot do anything about it, it is simply a subjective preference. Pity, because I was waiting for the perfect plot for Edwin, and this is the main reason that led me to a longer processing stage, and my final opinion about this novel is a result of this.
Now I can happily say that I'm over this particular part.

Second. Clarissa, the heroine; I liked her, in general, I'm particularly attracted to complicated characters, those that clearly hide reasons behind their very controversial behaviour. Clarissa falls under this category, however at the beginning here, she has a really unrealistic and capricious behaviour, which in turn put me in a weird mood towards her. Thankfully, with the developments we do understand a lot better who she is and what shaped her personality and 'the medicine go down'.

The rest is perfect, as always, and alleluia for this kind of novels! MORE EDWIN PLEASE!

Buona lettura!


Sabrina Jeffires' bibliography

** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book on courtesy of NetGalley and Threshold (Pocket Books) in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity **

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