Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Review: Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane)

Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Original Title: Duke of Sin
Release Year: May 2016

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: England, Georgian Era
Series: 10th of the Maiden Lane

Vote: 10+

Good Lord, this guy here is twisted. Oh but I love him so! He makes me feel warm actually, very. Well to be honest most of Hoyt's heroes give me high blood pressure. But Valentine is another level, Machiavelli would be proud of him, no romance hero has ever embraced The end justifies the means philosophy better than him. I mean, I know it twisted in turn to find the behaviour arousing, but that's me being honest.
Valentine is an hedonistic, egocentric, cynic and ruthless duke. And he is so very funny, his lines are certainly the lines that made me laugh the most ever (ex aequo with Kleypas' Leo). He has a sharp sarcasm, he darkly jokes about all the abuses he endured in the past and he speaks about those with a cold detachment.
And you know what I have found to be the best author's decision about his character, the fact that at the end of the story he keeps being quite twisted in the end too...he's not unbeliavably redeemed by love. The epilogue with the kittens is priceless!

Carrying on with the romance, I love that all the Maiden Lane novels are connected, also when the link is not immediately obvious. I cannot say more in this regard otherwise I will have to cry spoilers.

The plot is fast, catching and so very entertaining, Hoyt has the great capacity to put together pain and joy, dark and light, with a result that is overly satisfying. In Duke of Sin there is a lot of sorrow and the hero has been deeply shaped by it, close to the way serial killer might be touched by traumatic past events. Nevertheless Valentine, still keeping his psychotically weird ways, shows Bridget, the heroine, a constant sweetness, so diametrically opposite to the detached/sarcastic behaviour he has normally, that was so touching. I kept melting during the whole story.

Lets be clear, I'm generally one of those that consider madness as a problem, not as a virtue, like a lot of people think it to be apparently, I hear a lot expressions like "I'm crazy ahah", NO. What however I liked in this romance is that the hero is actually slightly mad, but not in an eulogistic way, it is a matter of fact, the author does not show it as a funny trait per se, Valentine does not come out as a spotless person...honestly in the real life I doubt I'd want to be with someone like him...BUT I adore him all the same. 

Great job Elizabeth! I love Valentine, I love Bridget, I love Eve and Asa (so cute in this novel) and I love everybody in this series, also the weirdo with the white hair in the first romance. I also love Hugh and Alf. Can't wait, back to the Ghost!

Buona lettura!


Maiden Lane series:             1. Wicked Intentions  (Lazarus & Temperance)
                                  2. Notorious Pleasure (Griffin & Hero)
                                  3. Scandalous Desires (Mickey & Silence)
                                  4. Thief of Shadows (Winter & Isabel)
                                  5. Lord of Darkness (Godric & Margaret)
                                  6. Duke of Midnight (Maximus & Artemis) 
                                  7. Darling Beast (Apollo & Lily) 
                                  8. Dearest Rogue (James & Phoebe) 
                                  9. Sweetest Scoundrel (Asa & Eve)  
                                 10. Duke of Sin (Valentine & Bridget)
                                 11. Duke of Pleasure (Hugh & Alf) 
                                 12. Duke of Desire

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