Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Review: The Forbidden Duke (The Untouchables) - ARC

Author: Darcy Burke
Original Title: The Forbidden Duke
Release Year: March 2016
Literary Genre: Romance 
Setting: England, Regency
Series: 1° of The Untouchables

Vote: 5

Slightly unrealistic, isn't it?
I do enjoy Burke's writing style, and those novels I've read so far have been well good too.
But I don't understand this one. I love the idea in theory but the practical transposition is a "meh" for me. The developments are too sudden, I generally prefer those stories that show the sacrosanct gift of synthesising information, but good Lord, here it's been applied way too literally.

The protagonists are mutually attracted but I couldn't understand why, after their first meeting, where a lot of staring and no talking takes place, they barely exchange full sentences. How is it possible that someone is so attracted to another without having uttered more than ten words?

The heroine then decides to give the hero her innocence after a couple of dances, a couple of very (very) quick appearances to events and a family dinner (in each occasion the heroine spends most of the time asking questions and immediately making excuses for asking them).
I mean, in HR I'm not against surrendering virginity before marriage, quite the contrary actually, but considering everything, historical period among all, I believe a stronger bond between them would have been advisable, if not simply reasonable.

That done, everything proceeds very quickly, like for the rest of the story; the hero decides he wants to marry her, he manages that and just then spits out the "confession" that lingers in the plot since the beginning as a potential disaster for their relationship, a secret that, if uncovered, would show the hero as partially responsible for the scandal that had ruined the heroine in the past...and what happens? TWO MINUTES in just as many lines, and the heroine decides is not relevant, nobody cares and no further explanations are needed, she will marry the duke. Seriously? Not even in the most unrealistic universe something like that would be plausible. I'm all about forgiveness but that's a tad extreme.

I believe is the first time I say it, but some more pages to develop this novel could have been just the winning decision.

Buona lettura!


** I received an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book on courtesy of NetGalley and the author in exchange for an honest review, thank you for the opportunity **

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