Sunday, 14 May 2017

Review: Enchanting the Earl (Townsends) - ARC

Author: Lily Maxton
Original Title: Enchanting the Earl
Release Year: April 2017

Literary Genre: Historical Romance
Setting: Scotland, Regency
Series: 1st of The Townsends

Vote: 9 1/5

There is an historical romance that I love immensely, one of my favourite, and I read and read again all the time, and every time I do it, I adore it more. And this is a Lily Maxton's novel, The Improper Bride. 
And so I waited, and waited, for another story from the author and now, habemus librum.

The story is great! I loved it. The author is obviously talented, her characters are remarkable, so well portrayed, and their personalities are even better.
Maxton is certainly very capable when it comes to create wrenching emotions and complicated relationships, with tortured heroes and their deeply moving feelings.

The protagonists, Theo and Annabel, are perfection together and their relationship gives both characters a another light, their strength is as a couple.
Involuntarily however I found myself comparing this novel to The Improper Bride and, although I undoubtedly liked this novel, I did not love the heroine here as much as the heroine in the previous one. It is obviously personal taste, indeed I could not find any objective fault in her personality and neither in her presentation.
There is also another aspect that I would have preferred more deepened, and this is Theo's post traumatic issues; they are the main reason why he keeps Annabel distant, and I personally think that, considering their gravity, a more developed analysis of how he manages to tackle them and keep them at bay might have been better.
This said, I cannot find a real lack in anything and overall also these few aspects did not undermine the story, which, again I found great.
You should really read this novel and everything else you can find by Lily Maxton, whose novel are certainly among those I crave to read.

The other characters, mainly the hero's siblings, are charming as well, and I am looking very much forward to their stories, and more Theo and Annabel.

Buona lettura!


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